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Preparing your Website for Search Engine Robots


The Good:
Most search engines use what you tell them in the hidden Meta tags for your listing. You tell THEM what you want people treadar. It's your selling statement designed for every single page - - we hope they will list as many pages as possible.

The Bad:
There is nothing quite so ugly as a search engine grabbing the first thing they see on your website to describe who you are. No one will bother to visit the link and...

The Ugly
It's actually quite embarrassing.

Search engine rules constantly change

MSN SearchThe largest amount of visitors by far find our clients through MSN
Google Search Google is our 2nd largest provider of visitors
Yahoo SearchWe don't receive many visitors from Yahoo. What's up with that?

Does it take a Rocket Scientist to develop pages and meta tags that search engines consider worthy of being placed high in ranking?

Sometimes we feel like it does take a rocket scientist to work with search engines.

They merge, change rules, toss out your site and you are left wondering where your site went . . . Why can't anyone find you?

  1. When developing a site it's important to give careful consideration to meta tags and graphic names for every single page on your website

  2. Be sure there are hidden meta tags on EACH page and PDF document that include your well thought out Title, Description and Keywords

  3. Triple check any spelling!

  4. Use real text not graphics to say the important things. Search Engines read text NOT graphics.

  5. Remember to use the coding example - right below your Title to keep the robots out. They'll find you even if you don't register! Remember to take it off when you are ready to go.

  6. Then register with the top 8 search engines at the time.

  7. Use a low-cost service to register with another minor 100.

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