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Ways to earn money with your website


These sources on how to earn money with your website will expand as we have time to research.

Affinity, Affiliate and Partner Programs


Accept Credit Cards through PayPal
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

Use PayPal to Accept Credit Card
Login in to your account or create one and then select the Merchant Referral Program for more details. You can earn up to $1000 for each referral


Google Adsense: Google AdSense™ delivers ads targeted to your content pages and, when you add Google WebSearch to your site, AdSense delivers targeted ads to your search results pages too. With AdSense you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort-and no additional cost. Google Adsense is a great money-making referral program!

Constant ContactConstant Contact Reseller Program: Several different ways to earn income plus this is an excellent, well-known online contact management email prwogram. Try it for free for 60 days! And you can offer this to anyone.


ClickBank: Affiliates can freely promote any product and be assured that they will be paid for every sale they generate. Vendors can freely accept new affiliates without fear of fraud or misrepresentation.
5. Amazon Affiliate Programs: Associates drive internet traffic to Amazon.com through specially formatted links that allow us to track sales and other activity. Associates earn up to 10% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links.
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