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Heed this warning before posting your first web pages


You are eager to post your first pages but hold on before you experience regret.

Read this first

  1. Don't put up your website until you have made sure it has the right Meta Tags. Search Engines will begin to review your site and the wrong information can be posted. Search engines will copy all your spelling errors and take the first words off your page. You want to control what a search engine posts, not be a victim of it. I've seen some of my early sites on search engines and it is down right embarrasing.

  2. You can put a special code in your pages (if you wish to upload) that pretty much stops search engines from scanning your webpage. Just be sure to take it off when you are ready to go. There are 2 ways to do this:

    a) --> Right after Title put
    <meta name="robots" content="no index">
    b) for folders in your root level (top level that contains your index page) you can ask robots not toindex anything in a folder. Create a .txt page that contains the folders you do NOT want indexed. Name it: robots.txt. Click on this link to see an example of a robots.txt file

  3. Be sure you have carefully considered the Title, Description and Keywords for each webpage.

    Text is more important to search engines than graphics. Use as much text as possible with keywords that express your services. This will increase your chances to be higher up in the search engine results. Search engines do not use graphics to help figure out what your site is about or how high to rank you.
    TEXT IS KING. Spelling is unforgivable :-[

  5. Once your site is up, all meta tags are working great do the following things:

  6. Delete: the robots.txt file in your root folder and this from your web pages:<meta name="robots" content="no index">

    Hand register with at least the 8 major browsers

    Use Traffic Blazer or some other service to help speed your registration process

  7. Reciprocal Links:
    Having your sitr linked to from outside websites increases your search engine rankings. Be sure to exchange "reciprocal links" with outside sites whenever possible. CAUTION: If a site is considered inappropriate or has been flagged as a less than desirable site by Google, this will harm your placement with them.

  8. Learn CSS (Custom Style Sheets) or have someone do a style sheet for your site. You'll be able to save yourself a lot of work trying to make font information look good on browsers, it will make your site load quicker and enable search engines to get down to the important part of why your website should be ranked close to number one.

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