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Internet Marketing and Strategic Planning


Our single most important goal is to make sure your website attracts visitors, potential clients or members - that they keep them coming back

Developing Your Plan for Success

We work with you to . . .

  • Determine your existing and potential customer's needs.
    Eg. What's in it for them to visit your Website?

  • We visit your competition and like-minded sites to learn more about your industry.

  • Search Engine Optimization:
    We develop a list of keywords and descriptions with you, for each page or PDF document, to insure maximum high ranking status on at least the 10 major search engines.

  • We manually register your site with at least 8 major search engines when it is complete (not before). If you wish to Market your own site . . . Visit U-Market information.

  • Register with over 100 search engines to increase exposure.

  • Consider partnering programs with like-minded sites to increase visibility and use of services. Actively pursue "cross-linking". Helps your site rankings!

  • Perhaps design a contest, polling question, etc. to begin attracting customers and visitors.

  • Progressively build an opt-in/opt-out email list of interested customers, members and prospects.

  • Create Autoresponders for prompt response to requests for information.

  • Develop a non intrusive banner ad rotation program. Banners point to your services and products and can be available to advertisers.

  • Gather and rotate testimonials, if this helps with your specific services and industry.

  • We encourage you to respond to all email inquiries within 24-hours and to place your web and email address on all stationary and newsletters.

  • We help keep your site up-to-date, active and engaging.

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